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I like to feel good when I drive


A healthy diet based on innovation gave us this light, clean, simple and very efficient engine.


Intelligence is synonymous with mechanics like genius is synonymous with form.

Alternative fuels

Continuous improvement of the use of traditional fuels and of research for using alternative fuels is a key challenge for the mobility of the future at hand.

Blue&Metm TomTom

Change the song, choose the restaurant, call home, calculate the distance, change the song. Without forgetting to drive.

Easy Power LPG

Easy Power LPG respects the environment, and that is a Fiat guarantee. You drive it.


A family album full of good ideas.

Turbo Methane

The small turbine that increases efficiency.


The secret of a lively engine: inhale air, mix petrol and exhale clean.


From Turin to Rome with only one full tank. You pollute little, spend less and park in the Colosseum area.


Imagine the heart of the car with a new soul. Brilliant and a friend of the environment. Simple and efficient.


The digital personal trainer for eco-friendly and cost-effective driving.


Driving is a pleasure. It is even greater pleasure if it is supported by a technology that assists and accompagnies you.

Traction Plus

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Working on the details to create an efficient organism is the goal of our research. Nothing is overlooked to improve driving quality.

A long history

A long history of research and development is the best basis to imagine solutions up until now unthinkable.

Dualogic gearbox

Automatic or manual? When it's time to change, it is important to be able to make the right choice.


"Get off to a flying start?" It is not a good idea. According to GSI.


The most quiet, cost-effective and cleanest diesel engine. And also the most beautiful.


When you Start it starts. If you Stop, it stops.


Blue&Me™ TomTom

[Blue&Me TomTom]

The Eco and GSI functions show you the right road and the best way to drive it: in addition to the normal infotainment functions (radio/CD, hands-free telephone, navigator and trip computer), the system displays GSI indications and eco:Drive information. All of this without ever lifting your hands from the wheel.

For more info on Blue&Me™: www.blueandme.net

Dualogic gearbox

[Dualogic gearbox]

This is a robotised gearbox with clutch and gear selection managed by an electronic control unit (implemented automatically by electro-hydraulic actuators): gear selection is always optimal and you do not need to use the clutch.

Select your driving style with Dualogic to optimise either performance or efficiency. You can switch from automatic operation to manual mode at any time with a flick of the gearstick.

EasyPower LPG

Original equipment LPG: the system is designed, made and guaranteed by Fiat with original equipment quality and safety.

Save up to 500/600 euros a year* (costs are lower because this fuel is a by-product of petrol processing) and reduce CO2 emissions by 14% compared to a petrol engine with EasyPower LPG.

Fiat EasyPower, the largest LPG range in the world with five models to choose from.

* Compared to petrol engines - Panda, Grande Punto and Bravo -15,000 km/year.



Your personal eco-friendly driving trainer: this innovative, revolutionary system analyses real consumption and emissions of your car, according to your driving style, and provides tips for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Download the eco:Drive program to a USB flash drive and plug it into the Blue&Me™ port of your car. At the end of the trip, plug the UBS flash drive into your computer to display your performance and receive advice. Log onto eco:Ville to compare your driving style with that of the other eco:Drivers.

Read more and download eco:Drive now: www.fiat.com/ecoDrive


In models with manual gearbox, the gear shift indicator suggests the best gear for a more efficient use of the engine in terms of fuel consumption and CO2.


Croma: direct injection diesel engine

Croma was the first saloon in the world to fit a direct injection diesel engine. The device contributed to saving 15% fuel compared to other diesel engines and 30% compared to petrol engines of corresponding size.

Panda Elettra the Fiat mass electric car

Panda Elettra was the first Fiat mass electric car. This limited edition model fitted a 12.5 HP engine and weighed 1150 kg.

Marea Bi-fuel

Marea was the first car to fit a double petrol/methane fuel supply system. The tank was fitted in the boot.

Common Rail

One rail to deliver very high pressure fuel to the cylinders and single electronically controlled injectors. Fitted on Marea 1.9 JTD 105 HP, the system would soon become the standard in the automotive industry as a whole.


MultiJet, the second generation Common Rail, allows multiple injection (up to five for each cycle) and a significant noise reduction by adopting a different fuel pre-injection strategy. It was fitted on Punto 1.2 for the first time.

Ethanol fuels

Tetra Fuel, the evolution of Flex Fuel, can run on four different fuels: petrol, ethanol, gasoline and methane. Petrol and ethanol are not alternatives, as in other petrol/methane Bi-fuel engines, but are mixed together in the same tank. It was fitted on Palio for the first time in 2006.

Robotised gearbox

This technology was developed by the Group back in 1999. A robotised gearbox is a mechanical gearbox with an electronic clutch and shifting management system. The first Fiat to fit one was the Panda in 2004.

Multijet II

The next-generation common rail acquires a different hydraulic balancing servo valve for more flexible injections (up to 8 for each cycle), also due to the Injection Rate Shaping system which optimises fuel injection.


First in the world, Fiat introduced an electro-hydraulic system also on very compact engines for managing air intake by means of electro-hydraulic actuators instead of the throttle. The system adjusts intake valve opening and eliminate pumping and energy loss. It was first fitted on FIRE 1.4 engines.


The most eco-friendly petrol engine in the world with MultiAir technology applied to downsizing taken to its extreme: two cylinders instead of four. A turbocharged engine of only 99 cc capable of delivering 85 HP and only 92 g of CO2/km (MTA version): low consumption and emissions.


Engine and Transmission
Lower friction

To increase duration and efficiency while reducing wear: optimised slip, low-friction flexible gas rings, low-viscosity engine and gearbox oil and a variable displacement oil pump.

Warm-up management

For adjusting the measurement of various injections more accurately: electronically controlled thermostat (friction is higher when the engine is cold and consequently a cold engine consumes more and pollutes more).

Smart engine power management

To optimise all uses: eco mode to optimise delivery and reduce consumption and emissions and an energy-efficient climate control system to avoid wasting power.


To overcome air friction and control lift: spoilers, aerodynamic appendices under the body and vehicle geometry.


To reduce contact resistance with the ground, limit noise and prevent generation of fine dust: low rolling coefficient tyres.

Noise and vibration reduction

To prevent generation of noise and to absorb it when it cannot be avoided: injector covers, high-damping tyres and high-efficiency soundproofing features (windscreen with soundproofing PVB, breathable roof, foam-filled front for A segment).

All these features contribute to better comfort, quiet running and on-board soundproofing.

Smart alternator

Recharge the car battery when braking: this device increases voltage when braking and decelerating with a gear engaged allowing a supplementary battery recharge.

Results include less engine load during normal operation and saves fuel.


The most eco-friendly fuel and the only real alternative to petroleum derivates. Methane reduces all emissions (-23% CO2 compared to petrol), including chemical compounds, such as benzene and most reactive hydrocarbons which promote the formation of ozone.

Bio-methane is a potential renewable source and is much cheaper than other fuels. What’s more, you can freely access areas with environmental traffic restrictions. The Fiat methane range is the largest in the world today : five models to choose from.

For more info on Natural Power: www.fiat.com

MultiAir engine


The revolutionary advanced engine intake valve management system. The secret of MultiAir is variable valve opening, which enables accurate engine air intake control, reducing consumption and improving top performance and fun behind the wheel.

For the first time ever, instead of the throttle, air intake was managed by electro-hydraulic actuators which control intake valve opening in a petrol engine: the amount of air depends on how much each valve opens, cylinder by cylinder, revolution by revolution.

MultiJet engine


The next-generation Common Rail ensures better fuel injection management increasing injections from 5 to 8 for each engine cycle (multiple injections in less time).

Quieter than the previous version, Multijet II lets you save up to 3% on fuel and up to 20% on nitrogen oxide emissions.

Eco Turbo

This small-sized turbocharger modulates air flow at low rpm more efficiently: your driving pleasure is enhanced, thanks to 20% more torque - and it produces 3% less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, by extending the gearbox ratios.



An innovative, efficient system which stops the engine when it is not needed - for example when standing at traffic lights or in queues, and starts it up again when it is time to set off.

Furthermore, the system recognises intermittent queues and is automatically deactivated.

It turns itself back on after reaching a speed of 10 km/h.

With Start&Stop you can considerably reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Traction plus

With respect to mechanical or hydraulic self-locking differentials, electronic differential lock management avoids the extra weight and friction with consequently higher fuel consumption and emissions.

Excellent handling on slippery or rough terrain.

Turbo methane

Turbo-downsizing applied to methane-fuelled engines increases combustion and reduces CO2 emissions by 33% compared to petrol. More range and more fun.

[TwinAir - logo]

Twin Air engine


Two cylinders as efficient as four.

TwinAir is the epitome of downsizing: not only is the engine smaller but it even has fewer cylinders. Air treatment is maximised: MultiAir, turbocharger and optimised fluid-dynamics.

With TwinAir you can cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 30%, while maintaining equal performance.

What would the world be like with TwinAir? Think Twin!


The combination of a turbocharger with a much smaller engine (downsizing) decreases CO2 emissions and consumption, while delivering the same power and increasing fun behind the wheel.